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Hotel turns old linens into new pyjamas

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A hotel chain in partnership with a charity is repurposing old linens into pyjamas to help children in need get a good night’s sleep.

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Hotels, especially large, high-end hotels, use a huge amount of linens and towels. When these become worn, they are often thrown out. To reduce its environmental impact, one hotel chain has come up with a way to turn worn hotel bed linens into useful items. Westin Hotels & Resorts has launched Project Rise: ThreadForward – a sustainability program that collects and reweaves hotel bed linens. The textiles are transformed into children’s pyjamas, which will be distributed to children in need around the world.

Last year Westin began a global wellness campaign called Let’s Rise. As part of the Let’s Rise strategy, Westin asked their associates for ideas to improve well-being in local communities. The ThreadForward project was one of these ideas. It is based on the knowledge that a good night’s sleep is of vital importance to well-being, yet children living in poverty often suffer from a lack of sleep. For these children, the ritual of putting on a pair of pyjamas can help create a bedtime routine that will improve the quality of sleep. Therefore, Westin is working with Clean the World and Divergent Energy to develop the system for up-cycling the linens into new pyjamas.

San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners designed the pajamas, which will be donated to children in need through Delivering Good and their network of community partners. CEO of Delivering Good, Lisa D. Gurwitch explains, “We know that pajamas are among the most requested items of clothing sought by our charitable partners. We are delighted to work with Westin, who shares our passion and commitment to lift communities and empower people to be their best selves.” Weston’s ThreadForward program joins other hotel sustainability innovations, such as a hotel that produces more energy than it uses and a movable hotel that doubles as a community center. Will programs like this help make a difference to those in society?



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