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Hotel approach to childcare

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Billed as Berlin’s first international children’s hotel, Kinderinsel is a 24/7 daycare center not just geared to residents, but also to tourists visiting the city with children in tow. Kinderinsel (German for children’s island) employs experienced educators and artists who offer children both loving care and fun experiences that include arts, crafts, music, and visits to Berlin’s museums, film studios and other sites. Parents that need a weekend away can drop off their children for an ‘island course’, a fun-packed weekend that balances development and play with themed programs such as Egyptian night and a fairies, witches & magicians costume party. The hotel’s guests are between 0 and 14 years old, and visit from all over the world, welcome to stay as briefly as three hours or as long as three weeks. In a 24/7 world, a highly flexible, hotel-like approach to childcare is a sure winner, especially when combined with a strong focus on creativity and child development. A similar venture will soon open in Auckland, New Zealand. There’s room for a children’s hotel in every major city! Naturally, this could also be an interesting side business for existing hotels, catering both to regular guests and locals.


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