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Hotel's personal chef service includes trip to farmers' market

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For many consumers, part of the enjoyment of a hotel experience is having everything done for them—especially the cooking and cleaning. As in virtually every other aspect of life, however, there’s plenty of variation to be found, and San Francisco’s Hotel Vitale has begun catering to those of a different stripe with a personal chef service that includes shared ingredients shopping and preparation. The Hotel Vitale lies across the street from a farmers’ market, which operates on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Aiming, no doubt, to appeal to guests with a foodie or locovore bent, the hotel’s new offering lets them request the service of Kory Stewart, resident chef at the hotel’s Americano Restaurant, in a food shopping and preparation experience. Specifically, Stewart will join them on a Saturday trip to the farmers’ market to help them shop for produce, cheeses, meats and any other ingredients that might be required for the two-course meal of their choice, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Then, back at the hotel, he will either help the guests prepare the meal or prepare it for them, whichever they choose. Pricing including wine starts at USD 250 per couple, depending on the meal selected. Intriguingly, the service is not mentioned on the hotel’s website, yet guests must request it when booking their room at least two weeks in advance. All of which goes to show, once again, that there are virtually limitless niches to be found in any product or service category, thanks to the infinite variation in consumer preference. Other hotels and restaurants around the globe: How could you cater to the increasingly hands-on masses of food lovers out there with some fresh experiences, status skills and still-made-here appeal? (Related: More meal prep and cooking instruction, this time by Jamie OliverUpscale takeaway meets onsite cooking schoolLoews Hotels adopt local farmers.) Spotted by: Iconoculture via R. Steinberg



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