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House-hunting on two wheels

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House-hunting can be a difficult and time-consuming process in which it often feels like you spend more time in a real estate agent’s car than you do viewing houses. Pedal To Properties has come up with a novel concept whereby agents offer customers the chance to check out properties and neighbourhoods in a more healthful and leisurely fashion: via bicycle. The free—and environmentally friendly—service is completely optional for clients, but those who choose to can tour through neighbourhoods and visit properties by cruiser bike. Boulder-based Pedal To Properties’s agents meet clients with a few of the company’s small fleet of cruiser bikes attached to the back of their car. An immersing ride can follow, giving potential buyers an alternative way to experience a neighbourhood and view multiple properties in an area without the hassle of getting in and out of a car. Launched by real estate professional, avid cyclist and Ironman triathlete Matt Kolb, Pedal to Properties combines health and fun with the home-buying process, providing a hyper-localized feel for neighbourhood vibes that could never be attained by car. The company is currently licensing its model to realtors across the United States, but the concept is simple, and could be applied virtually anywhere (reminds us of City Running Tours, which combines sightseeing and exercise). Of course, Boulder is an exceptionally fit kind of town, so realtors and other service providers in similarly health-conscious areas: this one’s especially for you. Spotted by: Stacie Bogan



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