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HTC creates a smartphone powered by blockchain


A smartphone as a wallet for cryptocurrencies


Taiwan-based HTC has created a smartphone that runs on blockchain and can store cryptocurrency. Called Exodus 1, it is a step towards “rebuilding the internet”, one focused on peer-to-peer relationships. It is designed to make it easy and safe to trade and store cryptocurrencies.

Exodus 1 shares most of the characteristics of high-end Samsung and Apple phones. The difference is its focus on blockchain integration and secure, peer-to-peer transactions. Every Exodus 1 phone is a part of HTC’s own blockchain network. It uses the Opera browser, which offers open-source, blockchain based apps known as dApps. There are 30 apps available for download, including some blockchain-based social networks.

Exodus 1 offers an extra level of security aimed at allowing users to safely store and trade cryptocurrency on the phone. Until recently, the phone could only be purchased with cryptocurrency.

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