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Designer wall stickers with an eco-minded message

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Wall stickers are nothing new to our virtual pages, but it wasn’t until just recently that we came across wall stickers with a message. UK-based HU2 makes a variety of wall decals that remind users to turn off, shut down and unplug. In addition to its considerable selection of whimsical wall stickers, UK-based HU2 also offers numerous stickers that are designed to remind consumers of their eco-responsibilities. One, for example, portrays a tap pouring out money, and is designed for placement next to a wall’s light switch; another uses imagery of a hamster on a treadmill to convey the necessity of conserving energy. Yet another for use on a computer reminds users that, “there’s no reason to keep a laptop plugged in after it’s been charged.” Then, too, there are recycling reminders and stickers with water-conservation themes. Pricing starts at GBP 12.90 per sticker. Made of PVC-free vinyl and shipped in eco-friendly packaging, HU2 products are available online for shipping worldwide. Sticky-minded minipreneurs: time to craft some green reminders of your own…? (Related: Sticky car art–now for laptops and walls, tooTaking wallpaper outside.) Spotted by: Murtaza Patel & Ana Camargo



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