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Immersive VR experience used to increase engagement with rewards programme

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In Canada, a rewards programme uses VR content to allow users to experience how and where they can use their prizes.

We’ve recently seen virtual reality used in a number of innovative new ways such as this programme which supports prisoners’ rehabilitation and this ballet which offers viewers an immersive performance from the comfort of their own home. Now Royal Bank of Canada have created a loyalty programme that is an immersive VR campaign, Avion VR.

Powered by Samsung Gear, the idea was conceived by Canadian creative agency Brightworks and is one of first examples of a VR loyalty program. Avion VR is an immersive banking initiative, where users have the choice of three different destinations: a beach, a golf course or a kitchen. As they enter into the virtual destination, a catalogue of redeemable rewards comes up, related to their location. So for example, beach goers are offered the choice of sunglasses, a pop-up beach lounger or a selfie-stick. RBC customers can experience the interactive experience in person with boutiques in Toronto and Burnaby, BC. YouTube 360 videos have also been produced for each of the reward locations and are viewable using Google Cardboard for those unable to visit the Boutiques.

This rewards programme aims at increasing user engagement through the use of VR. Could we one day see a world where the VR is so well executed that unlocking it becomes the reward itself?




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