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In Australia, QR payment system delivers food direct to moviegoers' seats

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QkR is a mobile payment system that uses QR codes and NFC tags to enable cinemagoers to order and pay for food from their seat.

The list of uses for QR codes appears to be endless. We’ve seen them used to teach vocabulary and track employee hours, and now we’ve discovered QkR — a mobile app and QR code system that enables cinemagoers to order and pay for food and drink from their seat. QkR — pronounced “quicker” — was developed by Mastercard in partnership with Hoyts chain of cinemas and Commonwealth Bank in Australia. To order food or drink from their seat, customers use the QkR app on their phone to scan or type the QR code located on their arm rest. Alternatively, they can tap the NFC tag alongside it. Either way, they can then choose an item from the menu displayed on their phone, confirm, and pay for their order. Their food or drink will then be delivered to their seat by a member of cinema staff. The QkR trial was launched at Hoyts’ Premier cinemas last month. The video below shows QkR in more detail:
The QkR system and app — available on both iPhone and Android — facilitates easy payment without the need for cash and cards. How could you employ QR codes to make the purchase process simpler for your customers? or Spotted by: Raymond Neo



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