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India Bike

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Yet another stylish product from India ready to be picked up by entrepreneurs in cycle-friendly cities.

Quick test: which country is going to be even hotter in 2005? If you answered China, you won. If you answered India, you won, too! Thus, expect all things Chinese and Indian, from funky design to haute fashion and cuisine, to sell like iPods this year. Inspiring example?, who sell cool bikes from India to the cycle-crazy Dutch. The various models, with names like Sahib, Sahina Lady and Sahib Super Shakti, combine Indian/British style with functionality and sturdiness, and retail for EUR 300+ (USD 407/ GBP 218). After highlighting cool pink Star-Girl bikes from Mumbai in a previous edition, this is yet another biking venture from India ready to be picked up by entrepreneurs who want to sell trendy stuff from the hottest capitals of our Eastward shifting MASS CLASS world, from Mumbai to Shanghai to Tokyo!, in the meantime, is adding other funky gear to its collection, from traditional, stackable lunchboxes to handmade shopping bags!


Indian bikes, Chinese fashion, Brazilian music, Japanese cell phone jewelry: the world has become a giant smorgasbord of high quality, fun products and services that (for now) stand out amidst the current sea of sameness. Which means consumers, always on the look out for something exclusive or limited, will snap these goodies up as fast as you can provide them. May we begin by advising our Danish readers to set up tomorrow?


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