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Recently, we wrote about Tiffinbites, an Indian fast food chain in Britain. A similar spotting has come in from Canada, where the first of a new chain of Indian takeout restaurants opened last year. Founder Jared Ross started Veda with the intention of serving Indian food that was both fast and healthy. Veda cooks with minimal amounts of oil, has a simple menu and uses high quality, healthy ingredients, with plenty of vegetarian options. Like Tiffinbites, Veda serves takeout food in stackable containers known as tiffins. For about USD 5, customers can order their choice of rice, two vegetable or meat curries and a naan. The chain plans to expand to other locations in Canada and the United States. By offering inexpensive yet healthy Indian food in easy-to-carry containers, Veda and Tiffinbites have hit upon a combination that could become the next big flavour in fast food. Explore franchise opportunities, or start your own (well branded) tiffin-based restaurant!




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