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Indoor shelving unit grows 21 vegetables at once

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Edn is an educational wall hanging that grows multiple vegetables at once and teaches users about the process via a companion app.

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Urban consumers are largely disconnected from the food they eat, buying mostly prepackaged items from grocery stores and online supermarkets. There are countless greenhouses available for those with outdoor space, but for those without, there are few choices but to join the long waiting list for an allotment. Now, Edn is an educational wall-hanging that grows multiple vegetables at once and teaches users about the process via the companion app.

Edn is a three-tiered shelving unit with 21 slots for herbs and vegetables of the user’s choice. To begin, they hang the device and plug it in. Then, they choose their seed pods, input their choices into the companion app and refill the water tank. The rest of the process is automated, aside from replacing the nutrients from time to time. The user can learn more about their indoor garden’s process via the app, which will tell them how to recognize germination and when plants are ready to be harvested.

Edn is currently in prototype stage but is expected to ship within nine months. Each unit will cost USD 399. How else could technology be used to reconnect consumers with their food?



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