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Tent for beds is warm and energy efficient

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Room in Room tents come with device holders and fit over beds, circulating warm air to help reduce fuel costs by up to 25 percent.

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When users want to reduce their winter energy bills, they could turn to these tiny robots that fit insulation beneath floorboards. Failing that, they could keep warm by recreating the experience of camping in the great outdoors, all in the comfort of their beds at home.

Combining inspiration from four-poster beds and the necessity to keep warm when camping, Korea-based Room in Room developed tents made to fit over users’ beds. Made of Tetron cotton, the easily assembled tents create a bed-based microclimate five-degrees celsius warmer than the rooms. The large inner space circulates warm air while mesh ventilation keeps the atmosphere fresh. Trimmed with the mod-cons of today’s bedroom, the Room in Room comes equipped with a laptop stand and smartphone cradle for watching movies while wrapped up in the warm tent. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, pledgers can receive a double bed size tent from USD 70, which could help reduce heating bills by up to 25 percent.


How else can businesses borrow from outdoor activities, and help users keep energy bills down over the bitter winter?



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