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EU project develops robotic cucumber harvester

The robot cucumber-picker is able to harvest ripe cucumbers without damaging them.

New banana has edible peel

A new growing method has resulted in a banana with an edible peel and a possible solution to food shortages

Startup aims to move large-scale farming indoors

A new building design from Swedish startup would create an indoor large-scale, carbon-neutral farm that can be fit into urban environments.

Indoor farm grows produce in outer space

The plant cultivation technology will help provide food for crew members on board the International Space Station.

New sloth-like robot to help farmers monitor crops

Developed by the Georgia institute of Technology, Tarzan the Robot will hang from high wires and make crop monitoring a lot less laboursome.

App-controlled, vertical farming for limited indoor space

New smart farming system uses a vertical hydroponics set-up that allows growers to make best use of limited space and monitor their plants via app.

Delhi residents use Whats App to order farm produce is a service that provides produce directly from farms to consumers within 14 hours using WhatsApp to send orders and delivery instructions.

Dutch shoppers pick own herbs in supermarket garden

Leading Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn has created the Help Yourself herb garden for the ultimate in freshness, allowing customers to take just what they need.

Off-grid toolkit for a tech-powered community farm

This converted shipping container contains all the tools, tech and training communities need to take control of their local food supply.