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Inflatable church pops up on demand

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The Transparante Kerk is an inflatable church in the Netherlands that pops up on demand.

It’s been several years since a church has appeared on our virtual pages — the last occasion was to profile the use of voice-to-text technology at the UK’s St. Christopher’s Church in Surrey — but recently we came across reason to feature another one. It’s no traditional church this time around, however; rather, it’s the Transparante Kerk — an inflatable church in the Netherlands that pops up on demand. The brainchild of self-proclaimed philosopher Frank Los, the Transparante Kerk, or Transparent Church, measures 5 by 6 by 8 meters, including steeple, according to the Goedgelovig blog. Capable of holding about 30 people, the church now tours the Netherlands, popping up at festivals, company events and in private settings. No traditional sermons are on offer in the Transparent Church, however; rather, an open format is presented, with an emphasis on philosophy and discussion of life’s important questions. Pop-up efforts have been a frequent part of our virtual pages over the years, but this is the first time we’ve seen a pop-up church, complete with inflatable format. One for inspiration! Spotted by: Els Dragt



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