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Inflatable egg carton promotes cage-free eggs


The Taiwan-based Happy Egg company promotes bird-friendly farming and is using its clear, inflatable packaging to emphasize the health of cage-free eggs.

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Using transparent PVC material that inflates to cushion each individual egg, Taiwanese company Happy Egg promotes cage-free eggs. The company is based around six ideas: friendliness, happiness, freedom, sunshine, fertility and water. In order to emphasize to customers the health of cage-free eggs, the new style of egg carton is clear, symbolizing the freedom of air.

Eggs are available in purse-shaped packs of three or individual packs themed around local festivals – birthdays, Christmas and Chinese New Year. The company is expanding its campaign with the forthcoming publication of three books, including a cook book and a compilation of cage-free egg producers. The books will also be packaged in inflatable, clear plastic.

Sustainability in the food business is an on-going project, especially as millions of people continue to starve while produce is wasted elsewhere. Projects working in all areas of the industry are making a difference, like this organic restaurant that promotes farm-to-table eating and this no-waste edible emergency drone. How could successful solutions be better connected in order to scale up for wider use?




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