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Inflatable sheet offers dual zone temperature-controlled bed

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Canadian company upgrades self-making bed technology allowing users to set different temperatures for each side, depending on personal preference.

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Montreal-based entrepreneurs Smartduvet has revealed its new technology, the Smartduvet Breeze, which allows different temperatures to be set for each side of the bed.

In addition to incorporating its original self-making bed product, which was the outcome of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Smartduvet Breeze technology consists of a seamless, inflatable sheet inserted between the duvet and duvet cover. The same sheet is used to make the bed and deliver conditioned air to each side of it.

When the bed-making feature is activated, the device inflates the main air chamber and lifts the duvet and top sheet back to its original position. A network of smaller channels projects the conditioned air without inflating the main air chamber. Users can program the device using a mobile app, setting the bed temperature and a bed making-time to fit their routine.

We have already seen smart beds with self-straightening mode, however the creators of Smartduvet Breeze claim the new digital features could lower energy consumption by users cooling or heating their body directly instead of their whole home, help those suffering from conditions affected by temperature and humidity, and assist individuals with mobility issues.

There have been an influx of technologies entering the market that focus on getting a better night’s sleep, such as the recent pillow that projects natural light to help the user gradually wake up, and a smart bed that positions itself to silence snorers. Will such technologies one day be prescribed to those with sleep-related conditions?




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