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Infrared heat therapy belt to relieve back pain

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BACK-TEK is a new heat therapy system created by US-based York Biomedical, that uses far infrared rays to relieve back pain.

Lower back pain is apparently the biggest driver to the doctor’s surgery after the common cold, with 116 million sufferers in the US alone. Hoping to alleviate symptoms, the BACK-TEK is a new heat therapy system created by US-based York Biomedical. Heat is known to increase circulation, which oxygenates and relaxes muscles, tendons and connecting tissue, and can consequently relieve back pain. Many heating pads and back-warming devices exist on the market and work on this principle, but BACK-TEK claim that their new Y wave technology and far infrared rays can penetrate tissue ten times deeper than heating pads due to their long wavelength, providing greater pain relief. BACK-TEK uses a medically designed support system, available in two sizes with adjustable velcro straps and is worn around the waist. Powered by a 7.4 volt rechargeable battery, the device aims to deliver heat to the injury and not the skin, and can even be worn during moderate activity such as biking or golf to ease muscle spasms and stiffness. Standard cost is USD 349 which includes a 120 volt AC charger and car charger, with a 25 percent discount currently available. Statistics confirm lower back pain as a widespread problem. The price of this particular device may be a little too high for the masses, but this is a huge market crying out for innovative solutions. Spotted by: James Doulgeris



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