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Humanium metal

Initiative turns firearms into commercial products to fight gun violence

Nonprofit & Social Cause

A Swedish company has partnered with commercial businesses and organizations to turn destroyed firearm materials into metal blocks for use in commercial products.

Small firearms are a huge source of violence across the world. IM Swedish Development Partner hopes to provide a positive solution to move the world past gun violence. IM’s solution is Humanium metal. Firearm scrap is often dumped in environmentally damaging ways or simply sold as scrap metal. Therefore, IM have created a supply chain that sources the metal and through processing makes it available for state-of-the-art commercial mass production. IM’s mission will increase the socio-economic and political security for community members living in areas affected by high levels of gun violence.

Additionally, IM have partnered with various companies to fight the spread of illegal weapons and use Humanium metal in commercial products. The first product on the market is a wristwatch by TRIWA. For this product, the Humanium metal was derived from firearms reclaimed in El Salvador, a country with a high gun ownership rate. The Humanium metal forms the watch casing and bares the Humanium verification symbol. TRIWA is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Other partners are also using Humanium metal in a range of products, including fashionable buttons, spoons, and consumer electronics components. Companies interested in working with Humanium metal can contact IM via their website.

IM is a Swedish non-for-profit organisation and in this project works with local authorities to verify and acquire the disused weaponry. Furthermore, IM acts as a fundraiser. Revenue from Humanium metal products are put towards projects that aim to end gun violence in various countries and support affected communities.

Other companies have additionally created pathways for reducing the impact of firearms violence, such as a platform that helps investors stay away from gun stocks. IM’s initiative is also part of a trend that sees damaging material not only removed from the environment but also used for a positive impact. For example, a design collective that turns recycled ocean plastic into sleek kitchenware. How else can negative materials be turned into positive commercial products?




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