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Many children haven't been able to make their pocket money by selling lemonade this year | Photo source Country Time Bailout

Children's lemonade stands receive economic stimulus via brand campaign

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Country Time's campaign is a follow-up to a highly successful 2018 effort that supported children's legal rights to run lemonade stands

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Spotted: As the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread, it developed into not just a health crisis, but an economic one too, with most sectors affected. Since its outbreak, governments worldwide have been launching relief efforts to support businesses. However, drinks company Country Time noticed that one business in the US had been suffering silently: the traditional children’s lemonade stand. The company has launched The Littlest Bailout to help the young entrepreneurs.

The Littlest Bailout, created with the agency Leo Burnett, Chicago, is a relief fund for children who have not been able to generate pocket money from their lemonade stands, due to limited foot traffic this year. According to Country Time, they will provide stimulus cheques to help children preserve the value of lemonade stands, honest work and entrepreneurship while pumping something back into the economy.

Up to 1000 children will be awarded stimulus cheques in the form of prepaid cards worth €85 each. The winners will be selected at random and will receive a commemorative cheque and a prepaid Visa card.

The campaign is an adaptation of the brand’s 2018 Legal-Ade campaign, which supported children whose lemonade stands had been shuttered by obscure US permit laws.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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