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Criteo’s platform allows brands to easily place their ads on retailer websites | Photo source Criteo

Ad platform helps brands avoid third-party cookies

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A new ad placement product allows brands to place their ads directly on retailer eCommerce sites, avoiding third-party cookies entirely

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Spotted: The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a number of changes in consumer behaviour. One change that is likely to last is the surge in eCommerce. Online ad platform Criteo is poised to aid this change, with its launch of a self-service portal that lets marketers buy media space on retailer websites directly, without the need for third-party cookies.

Cookies are data files embedded into web browsers, tracking consumers as they visit different websites. They are used for ad targeting and are the reason why Googling for information on ‘best parks to run near me’ results in trainer ads following you around the web for the next few days. Both Apple and Google have recently been working to limit third-party cookies.

By allowing brands to place their ads directly on retailer sites, the Criteo platform avoids the means by which they can collect such third-party cookies. Instead, brands can use first-party data collected directly by retailers, such as customer purchasing history. Not only does this lead to better ad targeting, but it creates a less-annoying web experience for consumers.

According to Geoffroy Martin, EVP and General Manager at Criteo, the company is aiming to allow, “retailers and brands to better partner with one another to deliver a more relevant shopping experience and increase product sales. We’re thrilled to now offer a transparent-by-design platform, which enables retailers to scale their retail media businesses and makes it easier for brands to buy across retailers using standardized workflows and metrics.”

The rise of e-commerce has created a huge, ongoing number of opportunities for marketing innovations. This can be seen in developments recently covered here at Springwise, including live-streamed product launches and an ad-placement platform that focuses on minority groups.  

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