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The Tiny Pub experience | Photo source Emerson's

Craft brewery's touring pub experience keeps socialising alive amidst COVID

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New Zealand-based Emerson’s 'Tiny Pub' experience brought the idea of a much-missed social activity to the far reaches of the country

Spotted: New Zealand micro-brewery bran Emerson’s has created The Tiny Pub experience, in the aim of bringing people back together after months of lockdown separation. A national tour highlighted how much people missed socialising together and brought the brand, based in the far south of the country, increased name recognition.

Able to seat only two people at a time, the size of the pub makes it ideal for reaching audiences in locations without other businesses or major infrastructure. Visits are 27 minutes long, and customers are served by a bartender. The minute scale of the project is replicated throughout the interior, which features a tiny dartboard, newspaper and piano, all aiming to contribute to the congenial experience.

The project team says that the intimate size of the pub emphasises the importance of genuine human connection, something most people have come to crave after many, many months of missed in-person events and physical contact with others. Tour routes are published, along with booking times, on The Tiny Pub’s own website.

From a micro-fulfilment company to homes for the homeless, keeping things small and concentrated is an effective method for creating change where it is most needed and effective.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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