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The television advert, called “MENstruation”, shows men and boys in a variety of situations familiar to most girls and women. | Photo source Rubens Nguyen on Unsplash

Period underwear company uses ad campaign to normalise menstruation

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Thinx’s nationwide ad campaign in the United States envisions a world without period shame.

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Spotted: US-based Thinx is a menstruation underwear company campaigning for more comfortable periods — comfortable in both the physical and social senses. The company’s latest national ad campaign being shown across the United States imagines a world where everyone gets periods. 

The television ad, titled “MENstruation”, shows men and boys in a variety of situations familiar to most girls and women. From getting a first period to the logistics of managing leaks, clothes and menstruation supplies, the video focuses on situations that are monthly occurrences for women.

The company believes that making periods more comfortable comes from removing social stigma and making menstrual products that do the job.

Thinx sells washable, reusable underwear designed to replace the need for pads and tampons. The underwear comes in a range of shapes and absorbencies for menstrual flows from light to very heavy. The company’s patented technology wicks moisture away from the skin while keeping bacteria and smell at bay. 



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