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A smallholder network for regenerative, hand-sown produce 

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Farmers receive better prices for their crops while contributing to global carbon sequestration


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Spotted: Smallholder farms produce around 35 per cent of the world’s food, and many in the agricultural industry are increasingly turning to local producers as a means of increasing sustainable food security. Regenerative farming techniques are essential to this and are becoming more widely practiced, with farmers in many countries transitioning away from conventional land management techniques towards organic and regenerative methods.  

The tiny size of many smallholdings, often two hectares or smaller, combined with a lack of access to markets, means that extreme weather events often disproportionately affect the financial stability of those landowners. To help combat that, GreenPath is building a network of reputable, certified organic smallholder farms in northern Africa that produce fresh produce for countries in the Middle East and Europe.  

By selling to retailers in other countries, GreenPath’s partner farmers financially benefit from the growth in demand for certified organic and regeneratively grown products. And by working with GreenPath, farmers are able to reach a much broader customer base than they would otherwise be able to access locally and regionally.  

GreenPath provides support to farmers who are replacing soil-damaging mono-crops with fruits and vegetables as well as transitioning their land to regenerative practices that improve farm sustainability and soil health, as well as meet EU organic regulations. Initially working with farmers in Ethiopia’s southern highlands, GreenPath has since expanded its network of farmers to other countries.  

Transparency is part of the company’s ethos, and GreenPath oversees the entire supply chain of its growers, predominantly selling in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, UAE, and Qatar. Farmers produce a variety of legumes, avocados, papayas, chilies, and more.  

Other examples in Springwise’s archive of smallholder farmers improving soil health include microforests in Africa and a traceable cacao value chain for growers around the world.  

Written By: Keely Khoury


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