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Wattnow helps businesses and individuals improve their energy efficiency | Photo source Wattnow

IoT system tracks real-time energy consumption

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The platform helps consumers save money and reduce pollution

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Spotted: It’s often easiest to understand something when it is made visible. Tunisian company Wattnow is using that premise to help businesses and individuals maximise the efficiency of their energy usage. The Wattnow platform provides a visual monitoring system for all energy points in a building. This system makes it easy to see where the most use is occurring. With hourly, daily, weekly, and annual comparisons, owners of a Wattnow system can see how a space’s consumption varies.

Available in either wired or wireless versions, the smart meters track energy use in both single and three-phase power systems. The algorithm-driven platform helps users save money and reduce pollution by identifying ways to consume energy more efficiently and by sending early alerts when maintenance is needed.

The plug-and-play system connects to an online dashboard accessible via both mobile and desktop, making it easier to respond to queries or alerts while on the go. And the AI puts together predictions for future use patterns, which owners can track against planned improvements to their systems and processes.

A variety of measurements can be recorded by the meters, allowing owners to get a full picture of the energy consumption of a building or space. Pricing for the service is available on request and based on a selection of case studies, including Tunisian Saoudi Bank and Carrefour.

Making resource use more efficient is the goal of many projects spotted by Springwise, from city-wide urban heat vulnerability assessments to a modular solar energy system that scales up and down as needed.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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