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Bringing off-grid solar to new sectors

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These portable power generators are powerful enough to run mining organisations’ communications towers

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Spotted: According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Chile is a “world-class destination for solar and wind energy developers,” in large part because of the country’s energy planning, which has helped to boost project development, especially in terms of electricity transmission. However, even in a country with such a good record, there are renewable energy applications where connecting to the grid is difficult.

With more than 50 per cent of Chile’s exports coming from mining, particularly for lithium and copper – two key components in green energy technologies – sustainable energy technology company CleanLight has created a way for heavy industry to reduce its emissions by using off-grid renewably powered lighting solutions. 

With mines often located far from stable grid connections, reliable lighting and communication access have long been a challenge. CleanLight is meeting this need through Solar Towers that provide communications, lighting, and surveillance capabilities, while also providing a mobile solar generator named SolBox.

The SolBox is available in various sizes, from a 1,500-watt system with two panels up to a 9,600-watt Plus Pro system that uses eight panels. For industrial users, the eight-panel SolBox supports the most onerous power demands from construction projects to large buildings.

The technology also has domestic uses. Depending on a home’s size and power consumption, a SolBox could save owners anywhere from 40 to 80 per cent on their monthly electric bill. 

CleanLight has sold 550 Solar Towers and provides a fleet of 150 towers for rent. With distribution agreements in place with large chain stores throughout Latin America, the company is in the middle of expansion across the region. A recent partnership with British Columbia company RE Royalties Ltd in the form of a loan and royalty acquisition is financing CleanLight’s expansion into North and Central America.   

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Written By: Keely Khoury




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