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Vestas produces turbines ideal for a wide range of conditions. Depicted here is the V100-2.0MW, which has opened up low- and medium-wind sites previously thought unviable | Photo source Vestas Wind Systems A/S

A 189MW wind project in Brazil's Rio Grande do Norte

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The development will include 42 wind turbines optimised for low-wind conditions

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Madrid-based wind power solutions company Vestas Mediterranean has partnered with Brazil’s leading renewable energy developers Casa dos Ventos on a 189MW wind project in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

At first glance, wind energy may seem like a relatively simple technology, yet this is not the case. For example, weather conditions vary massively around the globe. As a result, delivering solutions tailored to the local conditions of a project is a key challenge.

Vestas uses data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources, and the company’s solutions cater to a broad range of environmental conditions. The model of turbine that will be used at Rio Grande do Norte—the V150-4.2MW, which will be delivered in 4.5MW power-optimised mode—is ideal for onshore sites with less wind, as it is able to deliver high production rates even at low wind levels. Moreover, the model produces relatively little sound, making it ideal for sound-sensitive regions.

This is the fifth time Vestas and Casa dos Ventos have collaborated. The deal includes a 20-year service contract under which Vestas will optimise the energy output of the project. The energy produced will be used by businesses, contributing to Brazil’s transition to clean energy.

Wind power is the world’s second most used renewable energy source behind hydropower. At Springwise, we have spotted many innovations related to wind energy. These include a floating wind farm higher than the Eiffel Tower, and a portable wind turbine weighing only 10kg.

Written By: Katrina Lane



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