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One of Hosachiguru’s managed farms | Photo source Hosachiguru

Initiative allows investors to own a piece of farmland

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Those who want to grow their own produce but don’t want to become farmers can now own a piece of a permaculture farm – complete with timesharing farmhouse

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Spotted: Ever wanted to grow your own food, but didn’t know where to begin? You’re in luck.

Indian farm asset management startup Hosachiguru has launched two managed farmland projects near Bengaluru, which aim to help people lead a more sustainable lifestyle. 

The 100-acre community projects allow investors to set up their own section of permaculture “food forest”. Investors in the projects are guided through the process of setting up and managing their farmland, including choosing what crops they want to grow. Hosachiguru will then set up and manage the land on a day-to-day basis, leaving the investors free to reap the benefits of their harvests. 

The produce grown on the farms are aggregated and delivered to customers’ homes each week. The idea is that the farm will produce enough produce to allow investors to become self-sufficient. Every investor also receives a timeshare in the eco-retreat set up on the farm, and Hosachiguru will also construct farmhouses and cottages for investors looking for a second home in the country.  

Hosachiguru co-founder Srinath Setty has reported a big surge over the last year in the number of people interested in investing, probably in response to the coronavirus pandemic. He told the Business Standard that the interest is “less from an investment perspective and more from an experience to live off the grid or to live a more holistic life closer to nature. The two newly launched projects are for green enthusiasts who are looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional real estate.” 

As aware of global warming has grown, so has the interest in eating more locally grown and naturally-raised produce, in circular food models. At Springwise, we have seen this is innovations such as new ways to grow herbs indoors for home use, and a sustainable town that prioritises green spaces, walking and cycling. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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