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EcoFlow is creating an eco-system for backup power | Photo source EcoFlow

Portable power stations for grid independence

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A startup has released most of the components of an entire ecosystem for power backups and off-grid living

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Spotted: With the public power grid in many countries increasingly under threat from climate change-driven fires, floods, heatwaves, and drought, many people are looking for a backup power source. Options such as the EcoFlow Delta Pro—a battery on wheels that can keep an entire house going—are becoming more common. However, the Delta Pro is just one element of an entire ecosystem designed to keep you up and running in an emergency.

The company has developed what it calls the EcoFlow smart home ecosystem – bundles of products that can be combined to achieve power independence. For example, customers can combine the 3.6 kilowatt-hour EcoFlow Delta Pro, with expansion batteries to boost capacity to 10.8 kilowatt-hours. Users can charge the batteries with EcoFlow solar panels and manage the system with an EcoFlow smart home panel and app. There’s also a dual-fuel generator, a portable AC unit, and turnkey power kits to outfit an off-grid cabin or RV.

The Delta Pro can be charged using solar panels, wind turbines, level 2 electric vehicle charging stations, or through the EcoFlow Smart Generator. Its lithium iron phosphate battery will still be at 80 per cent capacity after 3,500 cycles. Even if used every day, this would take almost 10 years.

Other power back-up innovations spotted by Springwise include a generator that runs on both hydrogen and ammonia fuel and more resilient microgrids for use following natural disasters.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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