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Beewise uses robotic beekeepers to keep bees healthy | Photo source Shelby Cohron on Unsplash

Robotic AI-powered beehives could help to protect bee populations

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The high-tech hives are equipped with sensors that monitor the health and activity of the bees inside while robots dispense sugar, medicine, and honey

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Spotted: Imagine a future where all the honey in the world is produced by robots. It may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it could soon become reality thanks to a company called Beewise. Beewise has developed a robotic beehive called the Beehome.

Bee populations around the world are in decline, and this is a problem for everyone. Bees are essential pollinators, and their decline could have a profound impact on the global food supply. That’s why the Israeli company is working to develop innovative solutions to help beekeepers protect their hives. The company’s flagship product is the Beehome, a 12-square-metre container that houses 2 million bees in 24 hives.

The Beehome is fitted with a 24-hour monitoring system and AI technology that automatically dispenses sugar water, medicine, and other vital supplies to the bees in real time. This helps to reduce the mortality of bees and keep them healthy. In addition, the Beehome runs on solar energy, making it environmentally friendly. With its cutting-edge technology and sustainable design, the Beehome is changing the way beekeepers care for their hives.

The hi-tech hives are further equipped with sensors that monitor the health and activity of the bees inside. If a problem arises, the beekeeper is alerted through an application, allowing for intervention remotely.

Beewise will produce honey from the end of May, the “first honey in the world made with artificial intelligence,” according to director of operations at Beewise Netaly Harari. Around one hundred Beehomes have been deployed in Israel and another 12 in the United States.  

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Written By: Katrina Lane


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