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Sky Factory's digital images create a sense of relaxation in indoor settings such as hospitals and offices | Photo source Sky Factory

Virtual windows mimic natural light and sky views

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The windows play long-form nature footage that helps improve wellbeing

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Spotted: Contact with nature is an important aspect of general wellbeing, yet can be difficult to fit into everyday life. And for people who work and study in windowless rooms, vision breaks that include views of nature are even more important. Other than static artworks, how can a sense of a connection with the outdoors be brought inside? Using long-form photography, digital image experts Sky Factory have created a line of virtual windows, skylights, and aquariums.

The images are available in a range of sizes and shapes, including square, rectangular, circular, and elliptical. The virtual windows provide a sense of the scale of nature that opens up an interior space, providing feelings of calm and connection. When used in healthcare settings, particularly as skylights, the images engage patients in a multi-sensory manner that a plain ceiling cannot.

When used in office and educational settings, the natural images help employees and students concentrate and work more efficiently. Luminous Virtual Windows and eSea ocean scenes can be a welcome addition to retail and hospitality spaces, giving rooms greater depth, while helping employees access the soothing aspects of nature throughout their workday.

Multi-use artworks are a type of innovation that Springwise has spotted a few times, with a wall-mounted work desk doubling as a piece of personalised art, and an app-controlled air purifier that looks like a framed painting or photograph.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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