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A design by Nikolay Ironov | Photo source

Effective company brand designer is actually an AI system

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Nikolay Ironov’s images are characteristically bold and perfect for advertising, logo design and apps

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Spotted: Russian design firm Art. Lebedev Studio has recently revealed to its clients that one of their popular designers, Nikolay Ironov, is, in fact, an artificial intelligence system designed to create brand content with a humanistic, “quirky” feel. 

Ironov’s images are characteristically bold and perfect for advertising, logo design and apps. The system is a human and AI collaboration; a human designer enters the text, from which the system picks out keywords to design. Touch up algorithms then streamline the finished product, creating colour palettes. The firm is then offered a range of designs to choose from. 

The studio states that the system specifically chooses a direction in a style that a human would likely take, and they consistently input further styles to broaden its scope.

Some companies are already using AI to continually redesign and innovate their brand, whilst remaining recognisable. For example, Adobe and Autodesk are already including AI options in the design process. The ability of Ironov’s images to pass as human, however, proves that artificial computer systems are becoming so sophisticated that they appear to have a unique creative stance of their own.

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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