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The BookWorm pavilion is more than just a place to read -- it is designed to encourage a love of books | Photo source NUDE

A pavilion that fosters a love of reading

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Architecture studio NUDE has designed a sustainable pavilion specifically to create space for people to read and share a love of books

Spotted: This innovation will be especially interesting to all of the book lovers out there. It’s a pavilion that aims to encourage a greater love of reading and learning in both children and adults. Designed for use in the gardens of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) Museum in Mumbai, the BookWorm pavilion creates a fun and welcoming space in which to read and share a love of books. 

The 35-metre-long pavilion resembles a series of wooden ladders that stretch outwards, winding their way through the museum gardens. The ladders encompass seating areas and shelf space for around 12,000 books and provide space for storytelling. Underneath the pavilion is areas of sun-dappled shade and more secluded reading spaces. 

The modular design is made from around 3,600 wooden components. It was prefabricated and assembled on site. Its modular design makes the BookWorm easy to move from location to location. Its designers, Indian architectural studio NUDE, hope that the BookWorm will be able to travel the country, “spreading the message of empowerment through education.” 

NUDE has described the pavilion as, “a landscape of books that invites children to explore and learn simultaneously.” They added that the goal of the project is to help children, “engage in reading as a fun activity, encourage children to pick books and read, irrespective of language.” 

The pavilion is described as worming its way through the landscape, “to offer a unique browsing experience along a meandering pathway.” 

Innovations do not have to be high-tech to make an impact. In fact, the BookWorm is decidedly low-tech, but it creates a sense of belonging and interest. Other low-tech solutions that we have seen at Springwise include a sustainable acoustic guitar and green rooftops for bus shelters designed to attract pollinators. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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