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A 'Small Things with Big Heart' design | Photo source Design Consciousness

Creative design project encourages people to revisit daily life items

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Adopting the human-centred method, the designer has reviewed 12 objects beyond purely focusing on their functional aspects

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Spotted: From an umbrella to a toilet paper holder, creative designer Sheng-Hung Lee has put together 12 mindful and meaningful product designs to remind us that people deserve a good-quality life.

The “Small Things with Big Heart” project takes daily life items to “revisit” products that surround us. The designer wanted to start with small and achievable things as these are the easiest to take for granted. 

For example, the designer asked: “How might we redesign the “relationship” between the toothbrush and toothpaste for both the cup and toothbrush to keep clean and hygienic?” 

The solution: “We design a small rectangular tunnel to be attached to the back of the toothbrush. The rectangular tunnel serves two purposes: first, helping squeeze the toothpaste easier; second, forming a triangle structure that makes toothbrush and toothpaste stand and intertwines without leaning back on the side of the cup.”

During the three-month Designer in Residence program in Germany, the designer was inspired by the daily life in Pforzheim, such as jogging at the public park in the morning, the co-working place he shared with other creative talents and the time he stayed in the city.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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