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Digital technology produces high-performance wood-based biocomposites

Architecture & Design

The bespoke production process provides materials made to meet specific mechanical strength requirements


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Spotted: Technological advancement is showcased frequently in architecture. For example, additive manufacturing expands substantially the range of shapes available for use in construction. And now, Strong By Form’s new Woodflow material combines the look and functionality of wood with the strength of aluminum and reinforced plastics.

Video source Strong By Form

A proprietary mix of composite wood capable of being used in additive manufacturing, Woodflow is available in bespoke thicknesses, densities, and shapes. Pieces are produced to measure, with the custom designs nearly eliminating production waste and allowing for precise mechanical performances that include specifying the direction in which the fibres are placed.  

Incorporated in place of other lightweight construction materials that use considerable amounts of resources in their production, Woodflow works as a façade, as interior cladding, and even as lightweight structural pieces. Strong By Form expects the material to be used in the vehicles of the future because of its ability to withstand force without adding weight to a design. As more and more vehicles become electric or run on other sustainable energy sources, heavy materials become far more inefficient.  

As architects and builders become more accustomed to the wider range of shapes made available by advanced material design, buildings of the near future are likely to take incredible new forms and include a multitude of sustainability components. Springwise has spotted designs incorporating everything from stackable housing units that can be put together in a range of shapes, to a carbon neutral building that uses plant beds as part of the structure’s framework.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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