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The Mycelium-based products are biodegradable and carbon-negative | Photo source Myceen

Home furnishings made from carbon-negative mycelium

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The products also help reduce landfill by using industrial waste as an additional ingredient

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Spotted: Plastic is everywhere, with the majority of everyday products being made, at least in part, of the material. But given the huge carbon footprint created during plastic’s production, as well as the difficulty in destroying out-of-use plastic products, the need to find sustainable alternatives is pressing.

As an alternative to plastic, design studio Myceen combines industrial waste byproducts with mycelium to create carbon-negative home furnishings. Mycelium production is low energy and locks away any carbon contained in the waste materials used in Myceen’s products. This, along with mycelium’s ability to be disposed of organically through compost, makes the products carbon negative. The company employs a Life Cycle Assessment methodology to ensure sustainability in every step of production.

The company’s first two products are acoustic panels. Available in two sizes and a range of colours and finishes, the panels provide visual interest to an interior space as well as natural sound support. No chemicals are added during the production process, making the final products non-toxic and healthy to be around.

Myceen adds a range of residual materials into the mycelium’s growth process, making the new products extremely utilitarian. The company actively seeks ideas and partnerships in order to better use additional waste items, and plans to release new products over the next several months. Bespoke orders and custom volumes are also available on request.

Other ways that Springwise has spotted the use of mycelium include luxury hats and alternative bacon.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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