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The COVID-proof seats serve as "a connection to the world of cinema" | Photo source Layer

COVID-proof cinema seats, Wes Anderson-style

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The socially-distanced cinema seats are made of COVID-repellent materials and thematically designed with Wes Anderson's films in mind

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Spotted: The design firm Layer is behind a new kind of premium, COVID-proof cinema seat. Dubbed “Sequel Seat”, the modular chairs are adaptable to any row length or cinema size.

In order to give the cinema-goer an immersive experience, the seats serve as “a connection to the world of cinema”, with the gentle blue and pink appearance of the seats inspired by the “mid-century pastels” of the films of Wes Anderson. There are also integrated speakers on the headrests for further immersion. 

The colour of the seats is achieved by a 3D-knitted fabric of copper threads, which make it antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal and prevent dirt traps from developing, says the studio. Other COVID-proof features include a protective screen between each seat, an LED light that projects the row number and also the name and number of the audience member onto their seat, to prevent them from sitting in the wrong place. There is also a built-in UV light in the storage unit located under the armrests, which sterilises whatever is inside with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) in order to kill microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. There are also UV lights on the rear of the seats, for sterilisations between rows. 

The seats are designed to provide luxury too, and include a polymer side table for food and drinks and a control panel in the armrest, through which you can recline or fully extend the seat, control temperature and adjust the lumbar support. 

Layer founder Benjamin Hubert says that: “Sequel Seat is a tool that delivers the enhanced comfort and essential safety features that will help cinemas define themselves as a safe place where moviegoers can be transported to another world.”

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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