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By closing the wooden panels in the hall or turning them 90 degrees, the house can be easily and temporarily compartmentalised. | Photo source Orange Architects

A prefab holiday house with transforming, flexible layout

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The rooms change shape depending on the time of the day and the user's needs, saving space and creating a more functional living environment

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Spotted: Rotterdam-based Orange Architects have designed a modern villa with a prefabricated, flexible layout that saves space by creating temporary, separate zones for different functions.

The villa is located on the Dutch island of Texel in the North Sea, only a short walk from the beach. The cabin is stylish and luxurious with a black wooden shell and warm wood interior tones.

According to Yanko Design, unlike traditional buildings with walls dividing rooms for different activities, the designers wanted to optimise the floor plan with multifunctional spaces that could be temporarily transformed and divided into separate zones. The architects say that their aim is to create “Flexible and circular buildings that can adapt to changing needs or can be partly reused”.

The villa functions as a holiday home, therefore prioritising holiday-goer habits such as the tendency to spend more time together in communal areas during the day. With this in mind, the designers have made each space an open layout during the day that can be converted into a private room at night.

By closing the wooden panels in the hall or rotating them 90 degrees, the house can be easily and temporarily compartmentalised. There are also hidden showers and sinks, creating en suite bathrooms.

From the lounge area to a covered terrace, there are south-facing windows that extend from floor to ceiling, allowing for plenty of natural light. Light is savoured by several skylights on the upper floor and solar panels on the angular roof. There is also a rainwater drainage system to irrigate the garden.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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