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Each building was constructed using dark cross-laminated-timber cladding, which blends in with the natural environment | Photo source Studio Puisto

Modular design takes the hotel to the guests

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Rather than building onsite, architects have designed a modular eco-hotel that can be easily moved into place

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Spotted: Helsinki-based architectural firm, Studio Puisto, has recently developed a new type of hotel – one that is designed to be prefabricated and assembled on site. The pilot project, dubbed Uni Villas after the Finnish word for ‘dream’, has recently been completed in Finland’s Kytäjä Golf. The pilot is made up of three u-shaped buildings that each contain three suites. 

Each building was constructed using dark cross-laminated-timber cladding, which blends in with the natural environment. Timber is also used on the interior of the buildings, and a floor-to-ceiling glass feature wall captures the expansive views. The structures are prefabricated off-site, then lifted onto pre-installed foundations and connected together. 

Overall, the construction methods used reduce waste and allow buildings such as hotels and even houses to be built in remote settings. The designers also include a turn-key option, which includes all interior furnishings and fixtures – an instant hotel. In addition, energy solutions can be adapted to different sites. For example, solar panels can be included, or the entire project can be constructed off-grid. 

Studio Puisto architect Sami Logren told New Atlas that Uni Villas was inspired by the need for greater flexibility for hotel sites. “We saw a need in the current market for a high-quality accommodation unit that is at the same time possible to build with a reasonable cost and schedule,” he told New Atlas, adding, “In Uni Villas, we use renewable construction materials, such as wood and wood-based insulation, while at the same time reaching high energy efficiency standards.” 

At Springwise, we have seen a huge growth in ideas for living spaces that fit into and around nature, rather than bulldozing over it. Some recent innovations in this space have included a luxury hotel in a recycled shipping container and modular hotels that follow guests around. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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