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Greenfinity is a perfect way to encourage children to grow plants for themselves | Photo source Greenfinity

Cooking-lover’s way to grow herbs indoors

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An entrepreneur has devised Greenfinity, a practical and attractive way to grow a steady supply of fresh herbs

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Spotted: During lockdown, innovator Y Quan found herself frequently running out of fresh herbs when cooking. She decided to take matters into her own hands and grow her own. However, because she uses so many herbs, she soon found her home awash in glass jars full of basil, mint, and parsley, growing everywhere. So, she decided to simplify the process by inventing a system that allowed her to cultivate the parent plant and the cuttings for new plants at the same time, in the same container.

The system developed is called Greenfinity, and it is a practical and attractive way to grow a steady supply of fresh herbs. The system consists of a terracotta pot and an attached glass container for the cuttings. Water is added to a tank at the base through a specially designed inlet, and users cut one to three shoots from the parent plant and place them in the water-filled glass container. Over the next month or so, new roots will appear on the shoot.

Once the shoot is ready, it can be planted next to the parent plant to grow. By the time the parent plant is used up in tasty dishes, the cutting has grown into an adult plant to replace it. A new cutting can then be taken, providing a continuous source of ingredients.

Y Quan told Springwise that she wanted to, “encourage more people to grow their own plants in order to lessen their environmental impact while enjoying a healthier diet.” However, she also knows that gardening is not for everyone – some people lack the space, time, know-how or inclination. This is why she has “created a solution to help people get back to basics, simply and enjoyably. Growing cuttings with Greenfinity is a way not just to boost nature, but also to reconnect with it. It’s a rewarding personal experience and a great family activity rolled into one.”

The increasing interest in sustainability has led to a number of innovations related to large-scale, indoor vertical farming, but at Springwise, we have also seen quite a few developments aimed at the home gardener. These have included designs for sustainable, vertical balcony gardens and an open-source hydroponics project that encourages people to grow their own food at home.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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