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The three series of designs are aimed at both beginner and professional players | Photo source Breedlove Guitars

Newly sustainable acoustic guitar construction also improves sound

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The laminate design now includes a pure mahogany middle piece for richer tones

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Spotted: Breedlove guitar-makers have recently introduced their ECO Tonewood technology and ECO Collection. Replacing the soft middle layer of traditional laminate acoustic guitar design with African mahogany wood produces a richer, more vibrant sound. Best of all, the wood is sustainably harvested and, with the new collection, improves the eco-friendliness of all of the company’s designs. All of the guitars are now also made with sustainable tonewood.  

Using a mixture of salvaged and individually harvested pieces, the Bend, an Oregon-based company, emphasises its decision to not use any clear-cut timber in its instruments. In its new collection, the three series of designs are aimed at both beginner and professional players. All guitars in the three series are available in all four of the company’s famous shapes. They are the concerto, concert, concertina and companion bodies.  

For those new to music, the Discovery S series is perfect for learners. In the Rainforest S series, all three layers of laminate are made from African mahogany. The Pursuit Exotic S series features unusual woods such as myrtlewood and koa. The company also offers a customisation service.  

Many businesses are taking steps to reduce their use of natural, finite resources and among startups, sustainability is often placed at the centre of their business model. From trainers to packaging, designers are producing innovative new uses for traditional materials including wood, cork and biodegradable or recycled plastics.  

Written by: Keely Khoury

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