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The Temperature Textiles collection brings climate data to life in a personal way | Photo source Raw Color

A new textile collection illustrates the development of climate change

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The range incorporates graphical data about temperature change, sea-level rises, and greenhouse gas emissions

Spotted: Raw Color’s Temperature Textiles collection is a unique way to keep warm while also raising awareness about environmental issues. The collection features blankets, scarves, and socks knitted with infographics about either temperate change, sea-level rise, or greenhouse gas emissions.

The Dutch design studio works across design disciplines to materialise colour by blending the fields of graphic design, photography, and product design. By embedding the collection with climate-change data, the studio is providing a tangible way for customers experience and learn about the effects of global warming. The Temperature Textiles collection therefore acts as a powerful reminder of the importance of taking action on climate.

Featured in the collection is the ‘Sea Level Blanket’, which presents a chart illustrating the current and predicted sea-level rise from 2000-2100. There is also an ‘Emissions Blanket’, with warm and cool shades based on emissions data, and a ‘Temperature Blanket’ that visualises how global temperatures are predicted to rise if emissions aren’t reduced. The collection also includes scarves and socks.

The collection is currently available for order with socks priced at around €20 and blankets at €950.

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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