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The app combines technology developed in-house at Cubitts with the TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X (and later models) | Photo source Cubitts

App allows spectacles wearers to try before they buy

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A British brand has developed an app that allows users to find the best frames for the dimensions of their face

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Spotted: One of the problems with shopping for eyeglasses online is that it is very difficult to judge how the new glasses will look on your face. Because everyone’s face is shaped differently, just seeing the glasses on a model is not much help. However, British eyewear brand Cubitts has come up with an answer. Their app, The Speculator, shows users exactly what each pair of glasses will look like when worn. 

The app combines technology developed in-house at Cubitts with the TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X (and later models). The TrueDepth camera is an important component because it integrates facial recognition technology – capturing precise measurement data about the face using infrared dots. The app integrates with this technology to make 18 key measurements, including elements like ear position, eye spacing and the width of the nasal bridge. 

After measuring the user’s face, the Speculator analyses the data and determines which frames in Cubitt’s collection will offer the best fit. To find the perfect pair of frames, the app analyses details such as the width of the frames and the face and whether the centre of the lenses will line up with the centre of the pupils. Cubitts claims that the app can scan to “sub-millimetre” accuracy. 

According to company founder Tom Broughton, the technology is sophisticated enough to be used in-store as well as online. He points out that the process of fitting glasses has changed very little, despite advances in technology, saying, “You go to some physical space where you have thousands of frames, all arranged in a completely random order. With no real guidance or sizing, you just keep trying on pairs until you find something that you think is all right. The process is fraught with all the same problems when you buy online. It’s a pretty shoddy experience overall. But we think we can change that.” 

The eyeglasses industry seems ready for disruption, and an increasing number of innovators agree. At Springwise, we have recently seen spectacle-related innovations such as a modular sunglass design that allows users to easily swap frames and a product that allows users to take their eye test at home. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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