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This tree planting app lets everyone contribute to reforestation | Photo source EcoMatcher

A tree planting integration for Microsoft Teams

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Individuals and businesses can track their trees through blockchain and satellite imaging

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Spotted: Every year, the world loses approximately 10 million hectares of forest. But a new platform by EcoMatcher aims to incentivise businesses to contribute to reforestation. The app helps businesses manage their reforestation contributions with a few simple taps on a screen, allowing them to plant trees in a variety of locations and then follow the growth of their tree over time.

It also includes information on the farmer tending each plot, and with the EOS.IO blockchain platform, EcoMatcher provides a transparent TreeChain that verifies every planting. The organisation works only with dedicated and vetted nonprofits who then use TreeCorder – an app that tracks every tree. All the data is transparent, and tree owners can even use satellite imaging to ‘visit’ their trees. Companies may either choose to buy single trees or in bulk, and entire forests can be planted with a minimum of 1,000 trees. Organisations may also offer trees as gifts, rewards, and as part of employee wellbeing programmes.

Significantly, Microsoft Teams recently added the EcoMatcher app directly to the Teams library, making it possible for people to plant a tree directly from the Microsoft platform. Currently available in the English, Bahasa, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi languages, the app also includes sustainability news, ‘Forest Sounds’ for taking a break, and chatbots for owners to use to talk with their tree.

Bas Fransen, the CEO and Founder of EcoMatcher, explains: “We have seen a significant increase in companies looking to leverage technologies that support climate action and promote employee well-being.”

Innovators are seeking ways to speed up the benefits of reforestation; Springwise has spotted a biotech company that matches trees to current and likely future ecosystems, and AI-powered drones that plant thousands of seeds per day.

Written By: Keely Khoury




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