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Ambee provides real-time data on pollen levels | Photo source Christoph Polatzky on Unsplash

An API provides real-time pollen count data globally

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The API can be integrated into apps, programs, and products to provide accurate and up-to-date pollen data

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Spotted: Around 22 per cent of the global population suffers from pollen allergies that can cause anything from day-to-day discomfort to chronic illness. Real-time data could help sufferers plan for their symptoms and develop solutions. But tracking the pollen count is a complex process, and many forecasts only provide a broad estimate. Ambee, an India-based climate and environmental data provider, has created Asia’s first pollen-tracking API that provides real-time pollen count data from across the world. 

Ambee uses machine learning to combine information from on-the-ground sensors, satellite imagery, and statistical inference. This increases the accuracy of the dataset, which provides pollen count and risk levels for more than 90 species of pollen, including tree, grass, and weed pollen.

The API can be integrated into websites, apps, and other products that require real-time, accurate pollen data. It’s already used by healthcare, pharma, and weather companies – such as Kleenex, which has seen a 200 per cent increase in its website traffic after using Ambee’s pollen data to market its anti-allergy product.

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Written By: Joanna Robertson


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