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Using robots as part of laboratory experimentation helps reduce contamination and error and saves time | Photo source Strateos

Cloud lab allows scientists to work remotely

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Scientists will be able to spend more time on experiments and less time calibrating equipment, no matter where they're working

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Combining software, robotics and biology, Strateos’ cloud labs provide fully automated work cells, scalable for almost any size of experiment. Teams programme the required devices with the parameters of the tests and use Strateos’ sample intake kit to transfer materials to the lab. Using robots as part of laboratory experimentation helps reduce contamination and error and saves time.

Chemists use the cloud platform to design and make molecular compounds, many of which will be used as part of a test in the future. Compound purification is also available, and all work is accessed, tracked, amended and analysed online. Data is downloadable as well.

The lab allocates each experiment the appropriate robotic resources, so researchers only pay for the equipment they use. The lab itself is open-source, with documentation available in the Transcriptic Python (TxPy) library. As well as expanding its number of users, Strateos’ development includes collaborative algorithmic experimentation, and the company is currently seeking partnerships in this area of work.  

Mobile healthcare provision depends on technology that helps provide laboratory capabilities in remote locations and without full-scale equipment. Recent innovations spotted by Springwise that are making the work of a lab more sustainable and accessible include microfluidic paper devices which are analysed by an algorithm-powered smartphone app and an online puzzle platform that uses games to help scientists create new medicine.

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