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The Luminar AI software in action | Photo source Skylum

AI-driven image-editing software promises next-level capabilities

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LuminarAI differs from Photoshop by using AI to automatically separate image elements, rather than manually using "layers"

Spotted: US-based tech company Skylum has released their new photo-editing software, LuminarAI, on the promise that it is more complex, more efficient, and more in-depth than has any photo-editing software on the market. 

The software begins the analysis of images immediately and builds a 3D-depth map, which includes separating out key elements, such as the sky, or aspects of a face, like the eyes or lips. These elements indicate the kind of image that is present, and then analysis offers a set of “templates” with typical enhancements for images of that nature, such as teeth whitening, lighting changes and shine reduction.

The process precludes the layers that systems such as Photoshop demand because when analysing the image, the software works out where the object is and automatically places the new one from the image you’ve chosen. The image can of course be tweaked afterwards, but the accuracy of the algorithms is ensured by the range of “artists, photographers, colourists and scientists,” who have trained them.

The software can handle reflective water, which is one of the most difficult textures for traditional photo-editing software to get right, and can relight or recolour the entire image. Other features include a composition helper, with options such as the rule of thirds, Fibonacci spirals, leading lines and a crop suggester. You can also sync edits across a range of images.

The entire process is quick, and you can preview the image in less than a second. LuminarAI will be launching around Christmas this year.

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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