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The new packaging material can be moulded to take on a variety of shapes, making it suitable for a wide range of packaging | Photo source Sony

Electronics maker develops own sustainable paper packaging

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Sony has developed its own paper packaging, which is made of bamboo, sugar cane fibre and post-consumer recycled paper

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Spotted: Styrofoam has long been the packaging material of choice for shipping delicate objects that need to be protected. But Styrofoam is also an environmental disaster – difficult to recycle, and easily breaking into tiny pieces that can be washed into oceans and ingested by animals. Replacing Styrofoam is an urgent concern, but many recyclable alternatives lack the necessary stiffness and lightweight.  

To solve the problem, Sony Corp. has developed its own “Original Blended Material,” an environmentally conscious and sustainable paper material that marries sturdiness with sustainability. Sony developed the paper by using a mixture of bamboo, sugar cane fibre and post-consumer recycled paper. While many companies use recycled paper for packaging, the addition of the bamboo and sugar can fibres create a sturdier product. 

In addition, the materials used come from sustainable sources. The bamboo is cultivated in Guizhou, China, and is a different type from that eaten by pandas. It is only cut down in limited amounts, assuring the maintenance of a sustainable growth cycle. Moreover, the sugarcane fibre used is leftover from sugar production. By changing the ratio of the material, the product can be made into a variety of shapes, ensuring wide and versatile use. The materials are left undyed. 

Reducing packaging, and especially plastic packaging, has become an urgent concern. Luckily, an increasing number of companies are beginning to take this seriously, with a wide variety of sustainable solutions. Packaging innovations recently covered here at Springwise include turning packaging waste into vegan leather and zero-waste packaging made from soap

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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