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Using the power of ChatGPT to manage restaurant operations

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Restaurant operators can use ChatGPT AI to access data-driven insights and improve business

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Spotted: Poring over data at the end of a long working day is likely the last thing anybody in the restaurant industry is keen to do. But, with technology increasingly becoming integral to a successful business, this tedious work is essential. Making it easier is Pennsylvania-based ClearCOGS, which has partnered up with the Californian AI (Artificial Intelligence) company ChatGPT to create a system that allows restaurants to access insights about their inventory and operations quickly and easily.   

ChatGPT’s technology has gained significant attention as a language-based AI because it can analyse data, provide accurate insights, and make human-like recommendations in real-time. Pairing this new technology with ClearCOGS’ Predictive Forecasting System creates a place for restaurant operators to ask questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receive data-driven answers. 

Using a simple text-based query, restaurant operators can get fast answers to questions like, “what are my top selling items this week?” or “I have five kilogrammes of beef in inventory; how likely is it that I’m going to run out today?” With the power of GPT-3, the latest natural language processing technology, the AI system can also understand and respond to complex questions, allowing operators to make efficient and informed decisions about their inventory, while discovering ways to improve. 

ClearCOGS is currently accepting signups for the beta pilot of its ChatGPT system.  

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Written By: Georgia King


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