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more than 20,000 school children are using DESKIT in ten different Indian states. | Photo source Prosoc

Backpack converts into a desk for children in India


DESKIT aims to improve learning conditions in underprivileged areas by offering children a safer way to study

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Spotted: India-based Prosoc has developed a convertible backpack for children who lack desks at school. The backpack turns into a desk so children can work sitting up instead of huddled over books on the floor. The creation, called DESKIT, looks like a regular school bag. However, one side opens into a portable desk, providing a sturdy writing surface.

DESKIT was designed by Eshan Sadasivan, who was inspired to create the portable table when he saw children at school struggling to write on the floor. While there are similar products available, DESKIT was designed specifically to meet the needs of children from underprivileged areas.

It is light-weight and affordable, and was created to open at the right height for a child to sit and work comfortably. Today, more than 20,000 school children are using DESKIT in ten different Indian states. 




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