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The GoLexic app provides eight different types of exercise and over 70 different lessons in total | Photo source GoLexic

Voice-based learning app helps children with reading and writing difficulties


The app aims to provide families with support that is immediately available and affordable

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Spotted: Dyslexia is a weakness in understanding written words fluently and accurately. It is very common, and early intervention is the best way to address it, with home learning playing an important role. Berlin-based startup GoLexic has developed one of the first apps to digitise learning support for children affected by Dyslexia, for whom reading and writing are particularly challenging.

GoLexic is designed to be used at home by children aged six and over. Each day, the app provides a personalised 15-minute session. Reading and writing exercises feature multiple senses, building on research suggesting that a multi-sensory approach makes learning and memorisation easier.

The app uses on-device speech recognition technology to understand individual difficulties. The aim is to determine each child’s characteristics and adapt training to ensure that difficulty levels increase at the pace of the child.

Eight different types of exercise are available through the app including WordMaths and Missing Letters, with over 70 different lessons in total. Children can do the exercises without needing parents to spell, read, or correct their work. A user-friendly dashboard lets parents track their child’s progress easily.

Sustainability is an important value for GoLexic. The app developers are working to minimise their carbon footprint by offsetting the emissions they can’t avoid. They also offset what they estimate to be the energy consumption of the app on the user’s device.

The app is currently available on the iOS store for Ipad only. It is available on a subscription basis for £9.99 per month.

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Written By: Katrina Lane


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